President Donald Trump speech that got people talking

President Donald Trump speech that got people talking

The 45th President of America, Donald Trump made the longest a peeech since he became President. According to CNN who had the entire story captured in their website made it clear that lots of people are not happy with the statement.

President Donald Trump’s speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference Saturday was short and sweet compared to his more than two-hour long address last year, which remains the longest speech of his presidency.

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Like his campaign rallies, Trump’s CPAC speech this year catered to his base — in particular, the mix of conservatives the conference attracts — and its content reflected that. Between mocking the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates and thanking God for his administration’s accomplishments, Trump managed to speak more honestly than at last year’s CPAC address, which had the most false claims for any single speech he’s given as President.

During Saturday’s speech, Trump made a point of noting he does not like to be repetitive. Nevertheless,  he repeated at least six false claims on topics ranging from impeachment to the economy.

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President Trump further made some comments on Russia when he said “Russia are you listening”.

He however, abstaining from the allegations of the Russia melding and electorial malpractice. Mr Trump who was also speaking about his aim and rewnewed his vow to keep making America great again.

Since survining impeachment, Mr Trump has visited states and addressed core issues. However, he’s yet to address the country about the Coronavirus.

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