Pretty Nigerian Lady Injured In Her Attempt To Separate Two Lovers In A Fight

A beautiful Nigerian Slayqueen has taken to her social media handle to share a photo of how she was badly injured in the head after she tries to separate two lovers engaging in a fight.


According to the post on Facebook, Rozzy Berry took to her social media page to share her ordeal while she was trying to be a good Samaritan in her compound. According to her, she went outside to separate and stop her neighbours (lovers) from fighting each other.


A man trying to beat his girlfriend mistakenly used the Bluetooth speaker he wanted to hit his lover to injure her head. She thanked God for saving her life and also wowed not to separate any fight she comes across.

In her words she said;

Look what good SAMARITAN did to me YESTERDAY NIGHT, just because I went outside to separate my NEIGHBOR and his GIRLFRIEND that was fighting o. The guy mistakenly used the BLUETOOTH SPEAKER he was holding to hit my head on trying to hit his girlfriend with it. Lessons learnt! Am never gonna separate any fight ever again, I could have died you, but I thank God is wasn’t more that this.

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