Regina Daniels Ex-lover, Somadina Adinma Reveals That He Had No Plans To Marry Her.

The upcoming  Nollywood actor Somadina has revealed that he had no plans to marry Regina Daniels while they were in a relationship.
He also revealed that he has found  another lover.

On how he met and fell in love with Regina Daniels, he said: “We met at a location, we were both young and we bonded. We were meant to be friends and when you are cool with the characters on set, interpretation of the story becomes normal. So, it just happened. It’s like when Genevieve (Nnaji) and Ramsey (Nouah) were doing their thing. Yeah, we were able to connect. Regina Daniels added a kind of vibe to my career. Yes, it did. But I was the vibe before I met her. Then, she added more vibe and that’s it. After the movies, we became friends, colleagues and close friends.”


When asked if he was angry after Regina dumped him for an older, rich man, Somadina revealed the main reason he got pissed off and snapped on social media.
He said: “No, no, no, I got angry because people were coming to say stuff they didn’t know anything about. They were trolling me. All I know is that people need to mind their business. It’s not everything you inquire about. At times, people should just be like ‘this is none of my business, let me just allow this slide’. Regina and I were very close friends. She didn’t dump me for anybody. Nobody dumped anybody. Nobody is feeling bad about anything. But why should people feel like that. When you are not ready to marry, would you tell the other person not to marry because you are not ready? That’s wickedness. Even when you are ready, you may decide not to marry the person. I am not saying that’s the case, but Regina and I were close friends.”
Although, Somadina has admitted he has long moved on and found love again, he expressed his thoughts on the marriage of his ex to Ned Nwoko.

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Talking about his newly found love, he said “Rumour has it that I’m now dating Princess Nnenna Orji after dumping Regina Daniels. Well, I don’t know anything about that o. People always feel I have everything figured out, so if they feel this is what’s going on now, then it is.