Rihanna’s look-alike signed by an international natural hair product brand

Luck shunned on the Ala’a Skyy  as she was signed by an international natural hair product brand, making it her first of many to come.

The 7-year-old Ala’a Skyy, Rihanna’s doppelganger, instantly got famous after the singer shared her photo on Instagram in shock of how much they look alike.

Since Rihanna shared her photo, many social media users have agreed that if doppelgangers are real, then Rihanna must have found hers as they could pass for twin sisters or mother and daughter.

The photo which was shared by the singer amassed over seven million likes on Instagram with thousands of comments. With her new fame, the 7-year-old Ala’a is sure to have a bright future in the world of modelling.

Barely a month after the photo went viral, international natural hair products brand, The Mane Choice offered the young girl a huge modelling contract and she made her first ambassadorial appearance on August 10, where she took photos with people and signed on the life-changing deal.

Ala’a who is stepping into the modelling world is sure to have just landed her first in the long-line of many deals that is to come.

Interestingly, 45-year-old model boss, Tyra Banks, also contacted the beauty and promised to offer a deal and help her in the modelling business as well.

It was gathered that the 7-year-old faced time Banks and was advised to mind her studies as modelling will always be an option for her.

With her long, healthy hair, a supportive mother and a face exactly like Rihanna’s, the future is bright for this young beauty.

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