Senate leadership set date for Trump’s Trial after Pelosi decides to submit articles of impeachment

Senate leadership set date for Trump's Trial after Pelosi decides to submit articles of impeachment

The senate majority leader Mitch McConnel has announced next week Tuesday as the start date for Trump’s impeachment trial within the Senate, after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday said she plans to carry a vote on impeachment managers on Wednesday so that the House could send the impeachment articles over to the Senate.
Senate leadership set date for Trump
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who started impeachment proceedings against US president Donald Trump last year for allegedly withholding financial military aid to Ukraine in exchange for investigating political rival Joe Biden, attempted to withhold impeachment articles from being sent to the senate until she received assurances that the method are going to be ‘fair’, but her hopes backfired, and she now faces a race against the clock to finish up impeachment proceedings against Trump before the important Democratic presidential primaries start fully swing next month.
Pelosi on Tuesday confirmed that the vote on the impeachment managers are going to be held Wednesday, consistent with a press release she released this morning.
“The American people deserve the reality and therefore the Constitution demands an attempt . The House will now proceed with a vote on transmitting the articles of impeachment and naming impeachment managers on Wednesday, January 15,” Pelosi said within the statement.
Pelosi added: “The President and therefore the Senators are going to be held accountable.”
In another news, House Republican leadership criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the delay in transmitting articles of impeachment saying her actions will only hurt Democratic Party presidential candidates who also are Senators.
The GOP leadership held their weekly news conference this morning, and House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy said “there was nothing gained” by holding the articles.
“Obviously, after saying for months that it had been urgent that President Trump be impeached the Speaker of the House then sat on the articles for several , many weeks,”
Rep. Liz Cheney also said; “Unclear exactly what she believes she accomplished by it. We seem to be in just an equivalent situation we were in previously except we’ve now had this tremendous delay, which suggests that important pieces of labor like, for instance , USMCA, which the House has passed, which we’d like to possess passed within the Senate won’t be haunted because the Senate will now be focused on the impeachment trial.”

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