Strange fish with ‘human’ features baffles social media users: ‘Excuse me’

Strange fish with 'human' features baffles social media users: 'Excuse me'

Every now and then, photos of weird wildlife surface on the internet and cause absolute chaos on social media.

In June, the Twitterverse went wild when an old photo of a human-sized bat in the Philippines made the rounds. And now, Twitter users are once again obsessing over a strange creature — this time, a fish with lips and human-like teeth.

On July 2, Twitter user raff_nasir posted two photos of the puzzling fish with the caption, “Her lips are hotter than mine” translated from Indonesian.

The fish featured in the photos appears to be a type of triggerfish, a shallow water marine fish known for its small mouth, and high-set eyes.


This particular triggerfish has an especially human-like mouth, which prompted social media users to turn it into a meme.

Many people couldn’t believe that the fish was real.

“This mf got teeth??? Damn,” one person said.

“Excuse me,” another user commented.

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