Success Adegor Fascinating Story To Prominence. (Watch Video)

On  this faithful day being Friday, March 10, 2019, just two days to her birthday, seven-year-old Success Adegor was sent home from school for her inability to pay her N900 examination fee. Read more:

In her words she said “I was angry. It was not the first time and my favourite subject mathematics was about to commence then”, little Success, a pupil of Okotie Eboh Primary School, Sapele, Delta State, who featured in the short video, Dem go flog dem go tire, that went viral on social media. Read more:

She continued “I left the school premises and I was complaining when l met an auntie (neighbour) whose son had been sent home too. “She now said she could take me back to school to plead on my behalf but l refused. Bitter about being sent home and complaining, the neighbour kept pointing her phone at me while I kept expressing how angry I was. Read more:

The video of how Success was angry went viral. Stephanie Idolor, the lady/neighbour who did the recording, recalled how she saw the little girl grumbling. “She was acting funny. She was a neighbour’s daughter and I recorded her with my phone”, Stephanie enunciated. Read more:

“I never thought it (video) would go viral. I knew the video was funny, so I shared it on WhatsApp and the next thing it was on Facebook and Twitter and calls started coming in”.

The mother of Success, Mr Vera Adegor, also spoke to, saying that after her daughter’s video went viral, it was as if the whole world was looking for her little daughter, success. Read more:

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The tour:

Following the incidence, the popular Nigerian comedian AY, called. Mr Jollof came to see us from Warri. And before we knew it, the (Sapele) local government chairman, Chief Eugene Inoaghan, and Hon Ayemidejor came. Now we can’t sleep, or rest without our phones ringing or somebody knocking on our door”, the mother said.

Mr Godwin Adegor, the father of Success, who lives with the family, said he had not stopped asking “if this is real”. He added, “Mr Jollof took Success to a private school, enrolled her and bought books and bags for her but Success can’t attend the private school. The local government chairman has advised us to leave her at Okotie Eboh Primary School as Success is now like an ambassador of the school. Read more:

Please let the public also know that apart from Mr Jollof who came, the story that my daughter got five scholarships is not true. Being in a public school needs no scholarship because you do not pay school fees as government has said “.  Defiance? But little Success would not let her father finish before saying loudly, “I don’t want to attend that school.

I prefer a private school. Even if they renovate it the Okotie Eboh Primary School, I want to attend a private school”.

The mother reacted calmly to the defiant girl: “No. I know her. What I can tell you about her is that she has always been bold about herself and what she wants. Success would walk up to you and bare her mind and that is not stubbornness. Success would do whatever you ask her to do but tell you if she is not happy about it”. Read more:

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Ataine Akpome, a neighbour of the Adegors, who said they had lived together for years, had said that Success had always been noted for baring her mind at her tender age.

“I recall the day she came to buy pencil in my shop and when my kids didn’t attend to her in time, she went to the other shop to buy. When I asked her why she did so, she bluntly told me ‘I no get time’. Read more:

Success is just different”, Akpome said Another Sapele resident, Madam Ruth Tivere, who has a provision shop close to Okotie Eboh Primary School, said she never had doubt about the little girl’s ability to speak out. “Each time she came here with her friends, she was always the spokesperson for the group. She is never the type you will convince to accept one thing for another. If she tells you she wants to buy a certain thing and you don’t have it, she leaves, unlike other kids you will convince to buy another product. She is just different”, the woman, popularly known as Mama Onome, said. To those who know Success, her undying love for her books is no secret. In Primary 3 when her mates’ love for biscuit and sweet is legendary, she saves money to buy books especially novels. Read more:

When she was asked what novels were her favorite, she replied, “Oge and the Golden Ring, and I like listening to Christian music too”.

Meanwhile, the little girl’s video has continued to generate reactions as Delta State government, on Monday, through Mr Chinedu Ebie, the state Commissioner for Basic Education, visited Okotie Eboh Primary School, Sapele and suspended the head teacher over alleged illegal fee collection. And Success’ rejection of her being sent out of school for lack of payment of examination fee that Friday morning has brought exposure, not only to the state of public primary schools but also illegal collection of examination fee has attracted tongue lashing from Nigerians. Read more:

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Okotie Eboh Primary School Sapele is now being rehabilitated and other schools have been lined up for same too. The girl everyone now refers to as an agent of change has this to say, “I am happy. I want to thank everyone who came to see me. I want to thank AY, Mr Jollof and the local government chairman especially.”

The Primary Three girl, who came first in her class in last term examination, added that she wants to be a lawyer. “I like the way they (lawyers) dress and how they speak”. Read more:

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