Teenage Instagram Model Falls From 17 Floors While Taking A Selfie

An Instagram model, fell from the seventeenth floor overhang of a structure while she was taking a selfie, police said.

Police said the young lady, recognized as 16-year-old Hannah M, was attempting to take a Perfect selfie with the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest pinnacle, out of sight.

The high school teenage was remaining on a seat at the edge of the gallery in her folks’ level in Dubai, when she lost her parity and feel down the pinnacle.

Hannah was a hopeful model of blended Lebanese and Afghani legacy, as indicated by web based life posts. The young person was a famous web based life influencer and had an enormous Instagram following.

“She was standing on a chair in the balcony and trying to take a selfie when she lost control and fell to her death,” Colonel Al Qasim, director of Security Media in Dubai Police, said.

As indicated by police, Hannah’s sister observed vulnerably as the Middle Eastern excellence tumbled over the edge of the gallery and dove 17 stories.

“Her sister said that she was standing on a chair and leaning over the edge of the balcony when she lost her balance. While she fell out of the balcony, the mobile phone with which she was taking the selfie fell inside,” Col Al Qasim said.

Hannah and her sister are seen presenting together in selfies on the young lady’s internet based life pages.

One occupant said he heard the 16-year-old shouting as she fell, trailed by a noisy accident as the youthful model’s body affected on the ground.

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“The young lady arrived at the base of the pinnacle. She was murdered right away,” Col Al Qasim included.

UAE-based Social Media influencers have stood up against the weight that clients face to get the “flawless selfie.”

“The adolescent think it is fine to do dangerous tricks to take the ideal shot,” said Naomi D’Souza, another Instagram influencer who lives in the structure.

“I was going out from the back of the structure at 1 pm and saw the body, which was secured,” Naomi included. “At first, I didn’t have the foggiest idea about the injured individual was a 16-year-old young lady.”


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