Twins Who Married The Same Man Narrate Their Terrible Experience

Twins Who Married The Same Man Narrate Their Terrible Experience

The compelling story of Owami and Olwethu caused a ripple some years back after they both married an equivalent man. A TV Director called Mzukiseni Mzazi. Years later the 2 say their marriage to him was horrible.

The twins were raised by their grandma and were really poor. they were so poor, they even had to beg for money from people as they couldn’t afford sanitary pads.

After they got into the university, they wanted to delve into acting. While striving for this they met their future husband Mzukiseni who was working as a director on he Tv drama ‘Muvhango’.

Like the typical African Directors rather than giving them roles supported their skills and skills or the shortage thereof.

Because before that he was their mentor. They told him that they had passion for the movie world and needed help in achieving their dreams. once they left that day they got an sms from him, where he stated that he wouldn’t be helping them unless they might both marry him.

They both saw it as providence and told him they didn’t love him, and didn’t see him as a devotee but so attempt to make it work, he successively promises them that they might learn to like him.

On the a part of the Twins they did not have a tough time marrying one man because that they had a really deep bond, in order that they married him during a traditional marriage that happened within the year 2011 .

They claimed that they married him to flee poverty.

They got married to him just a couple of weeks after they met him. At the time of their union they were just 21 and their husband was already in his later 40’s going to the age of fifty .

They claimed that he took advantage of the state of poverty that they were in which their marriage was miserable.

Just three months into the wedding , they acknowledged he had many kids and wasn’t divorced like he had claimed . Everything he had hidden from them began to return out and therefore the marriage became filled with conflict and confusion. , with many fighting. He even began to abuse them emotionally, this and lots of other things, drained the 2 and made them reconsider staying with him.

They claimed he had once poured fuel on them and tried to line them ablaze but he couldn’t find matchsticks.

But it took them over 8 years before they finally made up their minds to divorce him. tons happened that they didn’t reveal because that they had to be through with the divorce proceedings.

One of the twins Olwethu had been eager to divorce for years but was scared because she had a toddler . But she later got uninterested and decided to go away no matter the repercussions.

They claimed that their estranged husband never loved them and just wanted them because they were virgins and were twins and he could brag about having married twins.

They claimed he took advantage of their innocence and said they regret getting into marriage for the incorrect reasons.

The two say they’re within the process of starting a business and writing a book about their journey and life. They said their marriage taught them valuable lessons.

They learnt there have been no shortcuts in life. And if one takes shortcuts, life would take them back. And Sometimes we attempt to run faraway from poverty, meanwhile, we are running to pain.

They also asked younger kids to understand what they need and hold on thereto , because anything could happen.

Although their experience was bad they hope to marry again and marry an equivalent husband once more because they’re “two bodies with one soul”. this is often so strange, because one would think they ought to know better but what can we single birth kids realize the bond between twins ?.

However, for subsequent relationship, they claimed they might know their spouse better and determine if he could handle them both, before marriage.

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