What Re-election of President Trump Will Cause in The World

What Re-election of President Trump Will Cause in The World

In November 2016, a land mark election was held in the United States of America which brought Donald Trump, the current president of America, to power. So many people expressed surprise in the election which Hilary Clinton, Trump’s rival in the election, was seen as the apparent president of America. The power that be, the fat cats of America, and most world leaders were solidly behind Clinton.

Trump’s victory was so much a surprise to the world, that even the stock market crashed as a result of it.

But how will the second coming of Trump be like, if the first one was much a surprise to so many people? I expect his second coming to receive a more shocking reaction than the first one. I see people committing suicide as a result of it. All the satanists in America managed to wait on this first tenure of Trump. I see satanic kingdoms in chaos all over the world, as they can’t understand the manner of thing that has come upon them in Trump. Am telling you, they can’t wait for another four years. But it is good for an unrepentant hater of good to die.

Trump’s Second victory will equally shock other world leaders, but this time, they will have no option but to work with Trump for the next four years. His second coming is not negotiable.┬áIt is divinely ordained.

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  1. Regrettably I also believe Trump’s 2nd term is inevitable. Trump is here to facilitate future events as foretold in the bible. You can see and feel it in just about everything he says and does. You’ll also want to keep an eye on Israel.) I call it “circling the drain” ….. towards the apocalypse. It’s sad. It’s scary. and it’s probably a long time coming. His supporters will rejoice and scorn anyone who doesn’t climb aboard the “trump train”. They feel the inevitability of his success and celebrate it. I’m resigned to it.

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