Why Americans Scarcely Use The Term ‘Merry Christmas’ Throughout Obama’s Presidency

Why Americans Scarcely Use The Term 'Merry Christmas' Throughout Obama's Presidency

The former president of America, Barrack Obama was known for his anti-Christian policies in the country. Obama as a satanist, tried all he could to blot out Christianity in its entirety in the US, despite over 70% US citizens being Christians. He made life uncomfortable for people because of the name “Jesus Christ”.

One thing about democrats (who are majorly Satanists) is that they are trying to use their democratic ideology and liberality to spread their satanic values.

They introduced same sex Marriage and called it democracy. They say everyone has a right to marry whoever he desires to marry. Abortion and other immoral practices were legalized under the guise of democracy and liberality.

Obama, at a point started frowning at the use of the term “merry Christmas.” He preferred “happy holiday” or even “Season’s Greetings”. The term “merry Christmas” was seen as politically incorrect.

Obama’s administration was against the body of Christ, and had Hilary Clinton taken over from him, the world would have been a miserable place to dwell.

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