Why I Divorced My Husband- A Lady Explains

  • Read the pathetic story of a Nigerian lady identified as Kylie_joy_terundu on Instagram as she shared the details of her life as a single mother.
  • In a lengthy post, the single mother revealed that she married her ex-husband after three months of knowing him and after having kids together, she realises they are not compatible.
  • Kylie¬† further stated that she never thought she will get divorced but she is happy choosing peace over anything else.

A beautiful, single mother identified on Instagram as kylie_joy_terundu has shared details of how her perfect marriage collapsed after realizing that she and her partner are incompatible. In a lengthy post shared on Instagram,

Kylie stated that she married her ex-husband just three months after knowing him and thought that they will be together till old age. However, after having kids together, she realized that they are not meant to be and she will rather have a peaceful life than a miserable marriage. Read more:

Kylie stated that she has no shame being a single mother and holds no grudges against her ex-husband. She added that she hopes they can be good co-parents together and she would rather have them be co-parents than a miserable couple fighting in the presence of the kids. Read more: 

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