Why I Kill Victims Even After Collecting Ransom – Kidnapper Reveals

Iorwuese Ikpila also known as Dr. Kwagh Akorom Me Nenge which is translated ‘catch me if you cana notorious kidnapper who was recently arrested and paraded by the police has revealed why he always kill his victims even after collecting ransom on them.

The criminal who claimed he had killed 16 people said he offered their blood for a ritual to acquire wealth and power, Vanguard reports. According to him, he was tasked to make sacrifice with the blood of 20 people.

“So from there I and my people kidnap people and when we kidnap them we kill them and give their blood to our ‘Queen’ for power to get anything we want both power and money. 

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“I have been in the business for three months because the ‘Queen’ mandated that we should complete the blood sacrifice with 20 people for us to acquire whatever we needed but so far we have killed 16 persons. Going further, Ikpilagave a graphic detail on how his victims are killed.

He however said he has now realised that all power belongs to God “After abducting our victims, we dispossess them of their belongings, we strangulate them and give their blood to the ‘Queen’ and after that we bury them. “But I have now realised that all powers belong to God. Before now I confessed my sins to the Policeman that arrested me. He also took me to a Pastor in Katsina even before taking him to the graves where I confessed my sins,” he added.

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