Young Bride And Groom Marry Each Other After Many Years

Love is a beautiful thing and it definitely works in mysterious ways. This is obvious going by the sometimes strange stories that surround married couples.

A young lady, Brendaline, has shared the story of how she ended up with her husband despite their families already being friends for several years before their birth.

In a lengthy post, Brenda revealed that from being the little bride and groom at a wedding, they are now husband and wife. She added that it was not an arranged marriage between their families because they had lost contact for many years and only reconnected on social media.
Brenda wrote: “From being little bride and groom, from being just family friends, from being the only older person I knew to help me with the kids that would bully me in primary school, we’re now husband and wife. My parents and hubby’s were friends long before I existed this had nothing to do with an arranged marriage, because we became an item officially 2 years ago because I and my family relocated and we lost contact till 2013, thanks to FB and BBM. Just look at my dad carrying my husband in his arms not knowing he’d become his son in-law 27 years l8r. Jehovah was definitely involved and we are indeed grateful.”


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